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How do you create wonder in students? What if you go from imparting knowledge in students to inspiring wonder? What would happen to our classrooms? Schools? Communities? Workplaces?

For the last few weeks I have been working on a “side project” that was given to me by my forward thinking Superintendent. How do we “re-imagine” our high schools? With the help of one of my colleagues (Audrey Fryar) we have scoured the internet trying to determine what makes a school ready for the challenges of a global society. After lots of research we settled on ten essentials that are still in draft form (I’ll share those at a later date). I’m excited to say the ten essentials are possibly going to drive the work of this “side project” and help re-imagine our high schools.

To me re-imagining has to do with wonder and the wonder that comes from being a true learner. In our district we, at Central Office, are well known for always saying “I wonder.” Do our kids say the same thing when it comes to their learning? Today I had the opportunity to listen to Kansas State University Professor Michael Wesch speak at a STEM event at Cerner Corporation. During his keynote he talked a lot about wonder.

So now I’m wondering… how do we go from schools that stifle wonder to schools that embrace wonder?